Thursday, April 25, 2013

Custom baby kilt and Logo design

We mailed off our first custom baby kilt today! We haven't really tried to get a lot of custom orders as we use what fabric we have and such but this nice lady had contacted us wanting a baby kilt that was green. So I looked in our lovely krazy stash of fabric and -wahoo- found a wool acrylic blend that was a green tartan! She wanted it to be able to fit a 3-6 month old so I got looking into size charts and pulled out some baby shorts that were that size and funny enough some of the other kilts I made were just the right size but I had just gone off what looked right proportionally. Plus, since we just use safety pins to close the kilt they're even more adjustable. I've tried a bit with velcro which I've seen on other kilts but in order to get it sewn on all the way it creates a seam that really sticks out like a sore thumb. I think this baby kilt turned out really nice though and I hope they really like it. Here's some pictures!

This is the front - I'm really pleased with the fringe, I love making that part of the kilt but you can't do it with every kind of fabric; it has to be woven like this wool blend to work out and look right

 Here's the back of the kilt, I'm super happy at how well the lines lined up - not the easiest thing to do, I have to just hold the pleat together and offset it since the sewing machine will push it and make the lines uneven if I don't offset - no pins - it kind of feels like sewing blind, but I've gotten the hang of it :)

 Here's the kilt all laid out

 Here's the kilt with just the front apron pulled out - the selvedge edge of the fabric had that white line so I had to fold it up and do a hem. I much prefer to use the selvedge itself as the hem but this still looked nice with the folded up hem. The underside of this fabric had a soft pile to it which I think is a nice touch for a baby kilt.

If you want a custom kilt or know someone that does, check out our shop and drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. Of course make sure we have enough time to do the whole thing, we can't make custom order stuff in a day. ;)

We've been working on putting together a logo for some time now and it's finally all done. I think it's a lot of fun and gives the essence of us in a quick and simple way. Now I'm tempted to make tshirts and all sorts of crazy stuff even though we're just a small business because hey - we've got a logo. :D

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